Towards Sustainable Treatment and Reuse of Wastewater in the Mediterranean Region


 Expected achievements
Operational demonstration of a new eco-innovative water treatment technology in Lebanon, Spain and Tunisia with detailed documentation on the key performance targets achieved in respect of (a) treated effluent quality, (b) recovery of valuable substances, (c) energy savings and energy recovery, (d) treated effluent reuse potential and (e) overall cost-effectiveness of the novel technology.
PPGIS based municipal action plans which will therefore be fully ‘owned’ by the local communities, and with a set target for the reuse of up to 900.000 m³ of treated effluent.
At least 10 showcase and knowledge transfer measures for the training and skills development of local actors including decision makers, professionals and young scientists.
Investment Plans based on detailed techno-economic documentation will be rolled out at brokerage events with potential funding instruments and investors, thus targeting increased employment opportunities and stimulating the long-term endogenous economic growth.
Establishment of MedAPOC, a Mediterranean Wastewater Reuse Community that will embrace AquaCycle Charter on the sustainable use of non-conventional water resources, and will serve to promote the transfer and knowledge sharing of research outcomes at the operational level across borders.