11-13 September

Tripoli, Lebanon
Second International Conference on Advances

in Biomedical Engineering
Lebanese university               
Doctoral school of sciences and technology
Azm center for research in biotechnology  

Seminar Title: Harvesting Energy and Wireless Data Exchange with Implantable Medical Devices

Abstract :Emergin smart implantable and remotely controllable devices  for diagnostic and recovery of neural vital functions are promising alternative to study neural activities underlying cognitive functions and pathologies. These devices require safe source of energy and robust communication interfaces. This seminar covers architectures intended for wireless neurorecording and neurostimulation using advanced bioelectronic building blocks. We focus on harvesting energy and wireless data links needed to operate these implantable biosystems.  First, we will introduce power sources and energy transfer using transcutaneous inductive powering, wearable systems, rechargeable batteries, RF circuits and Radio signals. Then, energy collection includes single and multiple electromagnetic inductive links using custom integrated solutions, their conditioning and calibration techniques, and automatic tuning of transmitted energy level will be described.  Among the important building blocks active rectifiers, low-dropout voltage regulator, multi-link electromagnetic interfaces, and power efficiency data recovery modules. Regarding up- and down-link data transmission interfaces, several modulations and demodulations techniques. Then, we will describe a new dual low-power transmission FSK-OOK technique dedicated to establish fast but low-power communications with medical implants operating at Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) frequency band. Special attention will be paid to multidimensional implementation challenges such as power management, low-power consumption circuits, high-data rate communication modules, small-size, low-weight and reliable devices.



Prof. Mohamad Sawan 
Canada Research Chair in Smart Medical Devices 
Polystim Neurotechnologies Laboratory 
Polytechnique Montreal, Canada 


Mohamad Sawan was born in Lebanon. He received the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering, from Sherbrooke University, Québec, Canada in 1990, respectively. He joined Polytechnique Montréal in 1991, where he is currently a Professor of microelectronics and biomedical engineering. His interests are the design and test of analog, digital, RF, MEMS and optic circuits and Microsystems, and clinical imaging. Dr. Sawan is a holder of a Canada Research Chair in Smart Medical Devices, he is leading the Microsystems Strategic Alliance of Quebec (ReSMiQ), and is founder of the Polystim Neurotechnologies Laboratory.

Dr. Sawan is founder and cofounder of several international conferences such as the IEEE new circuits and systems conference (NEWCAS), the IEEE Int’l conference on electronics, circuits and systems (ICECS), and the IEEE Int’l conference on biomedical circuits and systems (BIOCAS). He is also cofounder and Associate Editor (AE) of the IEEE Transactions on BIOCAS,

he is Deputy Editor-in Chief of the IEEE TCAS-II, and he is Editor and AE, and member of the board of several international Journals. He published more than 600 peer reviewed papers, two books, 10 book chapters, and 10 patents. 
Dr. Sawan received several awards, among them the ACFAS’s Bombardier and Jacques Rousseau Awards, and the medal of merit from the President of Lebanon, and the Barbara Turnbull Award. He is Fellow of the IEEE, Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada, and Officer of the Quebec’s National Order. 



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