Guy carrault

title:The European project Digi-NewB: The status after One year and half


Digi-NewB aims to provide the clinical and signal data to validate and integrate composites indices into a "user friendly" decision support system (DSS) which will assist the clinicians in his decision-making. The objective is to reduce mortality, morbidity and health costs for the hospitalized newborns. Digi-NewB research will be aimed at: i) To implement a large prospective multicenter neonatal cohort, recruited in six university hospitals, ii) To identify the most relevant composite indices to be included in the DSS for developing new non-invasive integrative monitoring and diagnostic tools for sepsis and maturation in neonates, iii) To validate DSS acceptability and usability and assess the non-invasive integrative monitoring and diagnostic tools in the clinical management of complex situation in perinatology.


The presentation will draw the status of the DigiNewB after one year and half on the proposition of signal and image processing. More particularly, the objective of the Digi-NewB project is to produce new composite indices that will be tested for perinatal infection detection and maturation quantification. Heart rate variability (statistical, temporal, spectral and non linear) will be studied with special attention paid on Nonlinear methods and new indices based on graph theory. Audio and video processing methods with the aims to develop a noninvasive monitoring system of the preterm infants will then be reported. Results related to maturation will be commented. The last part of the communication will describe new computational model that have been derived in the first year of the project. Simulated data and their interest on physiological interpretation will be reported.

















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